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If you’re looking to hold both precious metals and crypto currencies in an IRA (Gold and BTC IRAs), open a self-directed IRA with a top company like Regal Assets, Noble Gold or Goldco’s CoinIRA

Not All IRAs are the Same – The Top 3 Gold IRAs That Also Offer Crypto Currencies

While some gold investment companies provide only precious metals in their self-directed IRAs, there are a few of the highest-rated companies that also allow you to hold cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others to further diversify your retirement portfolio and hedge against the devaluation of the dollar.

Why should you have to go to a bunch of different companies to find the assets you want to invest in? Check out these two top companies for the best diversification:

“I do think Bitcoin is the first encrypted money that has the potential to do something like change the world.”

– Peter Thiel, Co-founder of PayPal

How to Hold Both Gold and Bitcoin in Your Retirement Portfolios

When considering investing in a Bitcoin IRA (aka, Crypto IRA or Self-directed IRA), doing a traditional or Roth IRA transfer of funds, or rolling over a percentage of your 403b or 401k or TSP, then your first step is to choose a highly-rated and trustworthy Bitcoin IRA company or custodian with solid experience and a verifiable track record with investors. 

Below is a brief comparison that will guide you in finding the best Precious Metals + Crypto IRA company for your needs. You can find all of the relevant details of their fees, their detailed services, and their free information kits by clicking on the button under each company.

1. Noble Gold and Noble Bitcoin for Diversifying Your Alternate Investments

Noble Gold’s IRA investment company has more than 20 years’ experience managing alternative asset in self-directed IRAs. In 2018, they added a subsidiary company, Noble Bitcoin, that provides investors the ability to roll over their existing IRS-approved retirement funds into digital currencies that are not reliant on the central banking system.

When investors add cryptocurrency to their portfolio with Noble Bitcoin, their coins are not subject to cyberattacks because all investments are kept in cold storage, meaning they are stored offline and protected from hacking incidents. Noble Bitcoin takes the confusion and uncertainty out of purchasing cryptocurrencies by personally managing transactions for their customers.

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2. Goldco’s 10 Year Track Record with CoinIRA’s Extensive Coin Offerings 

As one of the highest-rated gold IRA companies in the U.S., Goldco has added a cryptocurrency branch to its company, CoinIRA, which benefits from its parent company’s 10 years’ experience working with IRA accounts in a verified track record. They offer an extensive selection of cryptocurrencies and their signature “educating customers first” approach to alternate investments. CoinIRA offers two storage options: cold storage (offline) or a multisig online wallet.

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I earn commissions from my sponsored links