Birch Gold Group Review

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Birch Gold Group Review – Most Experienced Gold IRA Company

One of the longest-established gold IRA companies, Birch Gold has years of experience helping over 13,000 retirees since 2003 succeed with investing in precious metals

Birch Gold Group has received the endorsement of Ben Shapiro, well-known host of the Ben Shapiro Show and Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Wire. Ben has emerged as an influential voice among today’s political commentators, and is also a nationally syndicated columnist, the author of nearly a dozen books, and an attorney. Since August 2016, Birch Gold and Shapiro have worked together to educate Americans on the value of physical precious metals as part of a plan to diversify and protect their retirement savings.

Photo of Ben Shapiro endorsing Birch Gold Group.

It’s foolish not to have some assets in the one area of human activity that has never been worth zero.

– Ben Shapiro

Birch Gold – Empowering Investors with Financial Knowledge

Birch Gold Group has been highly respected as one of the industry pioneers. Founded in 2003 in Burbank CA, provides straightforward advice about investing in gold and other precious metals. In March 2022, Ben Shapiro hosted Philip Patrick, a Birch Gold Precious Metals Specialist, to discuss the current status of the U.S. dollar’s global reserve status.

This video clip from their discussion is important because of the implications these actions have on the value of your retirement dollars.

Retirees of All Ages are Setting Up Gold IRAs to Preserve and Grow Their Wealth

While Birch Gold has helped over 13,000 retirees set up their self-directed IRAs to hold gold and other precious metals over the past 20 years, the traditional face of investors has been changing.

There is not just one type of retiree today. In addition to people in their 50’s and 60’s who are actively preparing to retire in the midst of a volatile economy, there is also an ever-growing movement of younger savvy investors whose strategy is to create passive income to retire on with their families by the time they are in their 30’s or 40’s known as “FIRE” retirees.

The acronym stands for “Financial Independence, Retire Early.” Since Birch Gold Group’s minimum investment for a gold IRA is a very reasonable $10,000 investment, they are popular with people who are starting their investment journey with the goal of early retirement.

Quick Company Highlights

  • 20 years’ experience and knowledge
  • Smooth account setup assistance
  • Full educational resources on the website
  • Low flat-rate fees
  • Reliable buyback liquidation service
  • Full range of IRA-approved coins and bullion
Accredation stamp from Better Business Bureau, giving Birch Gold Group an A+ approval rating for 20 years in business.

How Gold and Silver Performed in the Crash and Recession of 2007-2012

Nothing is more convincing about how holding gold and other precious metals can preserve the value of your retirement portfolio than looking at the statistics of gold and silver’s performance during past crises.

From 2007 to 2009, the U.S. stock market experienced one of its worst crashes ever, with a massive loss of as much as 40% to 60% of Americans’ retirement savings. But while the S&P 500 continued to crash, gold prices rose to reward anyone who diversified their portfolio.

Gold’s performance is charted during times of financial crisis, showing how its value increases as the value of the US dollar and stocks decrease.
Silver chart showing how silver rose in value during the last recession.

This diversification has played out consistently in many previous periods of economic turmoil.

Charts are courtesy of Birch Gold Group

For example, during the 2008-2012 recession, both gold and silver demonstrated their ability to endure throughout the economic crisis, gaining in value by almost 450%. Precious metals’ consistency and endurance truly make them great hedges against the devaluation of your paper assets during economic downturns.

Pros and Cons of Gold Investing with Birch Gold Group

  • Excellent customer service
  • Fully informative website
  • BCA Triple-A and BBB A+ ratings
  • Vetted storage and custodians
  • Endorsed by Ron Paul and Ben Shapiro
  • 13,000 clients and 20 years in business
  • Low $10,000 minimum for IRA account
  • No overseas depositories
  • IRA account set-up not handled by Birch directly

Why is Birch Gold the Company Choice for Retirement Planning and Retirees of All Ages

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Birch Gold Group is popular with people who are starting their retirement portfolios, as well as retirees of all ages, because of Birch’s commitment to financial education and dedicated customer service throughout the lifetime of your IRA.

In today’s economic turmoil, many people who are holding only paper assets and dollars are either putting off their retirement plans as their portfolios plummet in value, or if already retired, they are going back to work to supplement their shrinking savings. This doesn’t have to happen to you.

As you plan for or enter into retirement, it’s imperative that you manage your exposure to financial risk to reduce the chances of losing your resources when needed most – during retirement. So, whether you’re a traditional retiree in your 60’s or early 70’s, or one of the growing numbers of younger retirees in the “Financial Independence, Retire Early” movement, opening an account with Birch Gold Group is a great choice.

Birch Gold has 20 years’ experience in offering an impressive selection of gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins and bars. They have the entire process structured and planned from having helped over 13,000 people set up retirement accounts. Birch Gold is also an expert on weathering economic cycles, and educates their clients on the causes of global financial instability and how it relates to the country’s current crisis.

Here are three more reasons to choose Birch Gold Group as your precious metals company:

1. Ron Paul’s Endorsement of Birch Gold for Their Emphasis on Financial Education and Solutions

A photo of Dr. Ron Paul endorsing the Birch Gold Group taken from their Website.

Dr. Ron Paul, life-time advocate of sound money and common-sense economics, has partnered with Birch Gold Group to educate Americans on gold investment as a way to protect their savings from both devaluation and inflation.

Ron Paul is a medical doctor, a U.S. Air Force veteran, a former Congressman, an educator, and author of 21 books, including The Case for Gold. In 2008, his book, The Revolution: A Manifesto,gathered a legion of young supporters, many of whom had never taken an interest in their freedoms or voting before.

An American gold eagle isn’t a promise to pay. It doesn’t come with a 250-page prospectus packed with fine print. You can’t play games with gold. You either own it, or you don’t.

Dr. Ron Paul

The Birch Gold Group team and Ron Paul focus on education, mostly about the nature of the economic threats facing the average American family today.

2. Birch Gold is the Most Experienced Gold IRA Company

The trustworthy Birch Gold Group is the longest-established individual retirement account company with over 20 years in the business of setting up precious metal IRAS for their many clients. Founded in 2003 in Burbank, CA, Birch Gold is one of the most respected firms in the industry that prides itself on providing education and advice to clients before they make any decisions about investing in precious metals.

The Better Business Bureau has given Birch an A+ rating in recognition of their excellent reputation and on the BCA website the company has a Triple-A, their highest award. With over two decades serving the gold IRA industry, the company garnered only a few complaints related to customer misunderstandings about how coin prices are quoted, and due to Birch’s emphasis on client education, most were marked as resolved by the customers.

As one of the longest established precious metal IRA specialists in the United States, Birch has a store of knowledge and experience to offer both new and established investors.

3. Birch Gold Group’s Smooth Account Set up

Although Birch Gold Group does not handle the application themselves, they work closely with you along with your chosen custodian to facilitate account set-up quickly and efficiently. For custodial services, they arrange for you to open an account with Equity Trust or Strata Trust. Likewise, Birch partners with two of the best IRS-approved gold storage depositories to provide seamless service for your account: Delaware Depository and Brinks Global Services.

Your personal IRA consultant from Birch Gold will answer all your questions about which IRA-approved gold, silver or other metals are available for purchase either in coins or bullion bars.

Birch Gold recommends that you start with a minimum of $10,000 in a precious metals IRA account. The fees you will encounter for your account are:

One-Time Fees:
Account Set Up Fee: $50
Wire Transfer Fee: $30

Annual Fees:
Storage/Insurance: $100
Management Fees: $100

However, on transfers over $50,000, Birch Gold will pay your first year’s fees. Additionally, when using Birch Gold’s recommended custodian, you will not be charged annually as a percentage of assets under custodian. In other words, no matter how large your account, you will pay the same total of $200 in annual fees.

Estimate your Minimum Rollover Investment with Birch Gold Group’s Precious Metals IRA

Getting started by rolling over a percentage of your traditional IRA into a precious metals IRA at Birch Gold is a very reasonable goal with their $10,000 minimum. 

Opening and funding a gold IRA with Birch Gold Group is straightforward.

Use the chart below to estimate the dollar amount of a transfer based on the value of your financial portfolio and the percentage you want to rollover into gold to fund your account.

Percent of savings to rollover into gold and silver Total value of your financial investments
and retirement savings to protect
$50,000 $100,000 $200,000 $500,000 $1,000,000
5% $10,000 $25,000 $50,000
10% $10,000 $20,000 $50,000 $100,000
15% $15,500 $30,000 $75,000 $150,000
20% $10,000 $20,000 $40,000 $100,000 $200,000

What to expect when you open a gold IRA with Birch Gold Group:

One of the first things you notice when you go to Birch Gold’s easily navigable website, is that each client is paired with an IRA consultant who sticks with you to answer all your questions and to make the account setup, funding, rollover, gold purchases, delivery, and storage feel smooth and simple. Birch Gold also offers a buyback service when you’re ready to take distributions of your precious metals. Their goal is to empower each client to be comfortable with their decisions, based on a strong emphasis on financial education and transparency.

So, if you’re looking to retire or are newly-retired and wondering how to best diversify and protect your wealth over coming next decades, Birch Gold Group is an excellent choice.

A five-star client review of Birch Gold Group’s excellent customer service that was published on the Yellow Pages website.

Is Birch Gold Group for You?

Answering these questions for yourself will help you get clarity on whether Birch Gold Group is the right company for you:

  • Is the $10,000 minimum investment or more a good amount to start your gold IRA?
  • Does Birch Gold’s offer of gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins and bars align with your plan of in precious metals?
  • Do you feel the need for gaining a deeper understanding and education about investing in gold that their website and IRA specialists provide?
  • Is Birch Gold Group’s 20 years’ longevity and experience in the market a factor that is important to you?
  • Are you comfortable with Birch Gold’s assisted process, including account opening with approved custodians, precious metal purchases, their approved storage facilities, and their buyback offer for retirement distributions?

If so, Birch Gold Group could be the right gold investment company for you.

And if you’re still checking out other top companies to invest with, be sure to read about the best-rated gold IRA companies we have reviewed for you to get clarity on which one best aligns with your goals and investment style.

Risk Disclosure

All investments including precious metals, such as gold and silver, involve risk and you may get less back than what you put in. Always consult a licensed professional financial advisor before investing your money. Consumers should be aware that past performance does not guarantee future returns.


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