Questions to Ask the Agent When Considering a Gold IRA

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Discover the key questions to ask when considering a Gold IRA. Learn what to look for in a provider and how to ensure your investment is safe and secure.

What are the most important questions to ask when you’re new to precious metals IRAs or when you’re ready to open one?

Tongue-tied when you get on the phone with an IRA consultant and not sure what questions to ask? Nervous that you’ll forget to ask something important?

It’s normal to be anxious when considering how to best invest your retirement savings in such a tumultuous economic time.That’s why we compiled two handy lists of questions to ask so you can make informed decisions.

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Questions to Ask If You’re New to Precious Metals and a Self-directed IRAs

  • What is a gold IRA or a self-directed IRA, and how is it different from a traditional IRA?
  • Why should I hold gold or other precious metals in my retirement portfolio?
  • How does a gold IRA work?
    • What sources can I use to fund it?
    • How do I purchase the physical gold and silver?
    • How are the precious metals shipped and stored?
    • How much can I add to the IRA each year?
    • Can I keep anything else besides precious metals in my IRA, like cryptocurrencies?
    • What’s a safe percentage of my total retirement portfolio to transfer into gold or other precious metals?
    • What happens when I need to take mandatory distributions?
    • Can I take distributions earlier?
  • What does it cost to set up a gold IRA with your company? What are the annual fees?
  • Is there a minimum with your company of how much I need to transfer or rollover to open a precious metals IRA?
  • How long does it take to set up a self-directed (precious metals) IRA?
  • Will someone help me through every step so I don’t make a mistake?
  • How can I get more information about your company and investing in a gold IRA?

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Speak to a Live Gold IRA Consultant by Phone

It’s always best to speak with a real person before deciding whether you want to take any further action.

So request a callback or appointment to speak with an IRA consultant and use the list of questions on this page  that most apply to you

Questions to Ask When You’re Ready to Invest in a Precious Metals IRA

  • I’m looking to open a self-directed IRA to put part of my retirement savings into gold and precious metals. What should I know about your company that makes you different from other companies?
  • Does your company have a minimum investment amount to open a precious metals IRA?
  • What are the costs to open an IRA and what are the yearly fees?
  • Do you have any special offers or incentives for new accounts if I open an IRA with you rather than another company?
  • What are my options for storage facilities? Do you offer segregated storage of my precious metals? Do you offer free shipping?
  • What are the costs or premiums if I purchase my precious metals through you?
  • What choices are there for purchasing coins and bullion bars?
  • Do you offer a buyback guarantee, and how is it competitive with other gold companies?
  • Do you offer gold and silver purchases outside of a precious metals IRA for emergency use?
  • What else can I hold in my self-directed IRA? Cryptocurrencies? Anything else?

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What Information Will the Gold Company Want About Me?

You’ll only need to give the personal information you’re willing to divulge when you contact any of these top-rated companies. The agent you speak with is most likely to want an appropriate way to contact you, such as a telephone number to set up a call with a live agent, or an email to send you their free information guide on gold investing and setting up a precious metals IRA.


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Risk Disclosure

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