Compare Gold IRAs – Noble Gold vs Augusta Precious Metals in 2022

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Choosing the Best Gold IRA Company – Noble Gold or Augusta Precious Metals?

With rising inflation forcing a rise in U.S. interest rates, we’re experiencing an economic squeeze across all sectors of the economy. Is fallout from the global pandemic years and now a crippling war in Europe ushering in another long period of recession?

Serious investors, retirees, professionals, and business people saving for retirement, are searching for alternative investments to hedge their wealth against loss.

You’ve taken a decision that the safest strategy is to diversify your portfolio by transferring at least 10% -15% of your holdings into a gold IRA; and now, your question is:

Which gold IRA company best matches my investment goals?

The research team at has identified the best gold IRA companies based on published reviews of customer satisfaction, along with the companies’ offers, minimum requirements, and fees.

With these side-by-side gold IRA comparisons, you can narrow down your search by seeing which of these two top-tier companies, Noble Gold Group and Augusta Precious Metals, best matches your personal investment goals.

Noble Gold Overview and Precious Metals IRA Features

a photo of Noble Gold’s founder and CEO, Collin Plume, along with a news headline.

Established in 2017, Noble Gold Group is a relative newcomer that has quickly risen to the very top tier of gold investment companies. Their headquarters are in Pasadena, Florida, and their goal is to provide stand-apart excellence compared to other companies, which according to founder and CEO, Collin Plume, is that “Noble Gold was founded because we were tired of the unsavory practices in our industry. We never hard-sell.” That’s a pledge they stand behind with their educated and friendly customer service and clear information on their website.

Noble Gold stands out as:

  • the only precious metals IRA provider with a gold depository in Texas that includes segregated storage of clients’ metals separate from all others.
  • a provider of a full range of options for precious metal investments, including silver, gold, palladium, and platinum.
  • a low $2,000 minimum gold IRA investment plan that attracts investors of all ages
  • access to their survival packs of gold and silver held at home outside of the IRAs ready for any emergency
  • best for independent-minded investors and new investors

Request the free gold IRA kit from Noble Gold’s website.

Augusta Precious Metals Overview and Gold IRA Highlights

Augusta Precious Metals’ celebrity ambassador, NFL legend Joe Montana, is pictured on the gold IRA company’s website headline.

Augusta Precious Metals has offered its clients gold IRAs since its founding in 2012. APM is a family-owned firm that in just one decade has become one of the top gold companies in the U.S. with its world-class precious metal retirement vehicles. Hall of Fame quarterback, Joe Montana, became a customer first, and now he’s the official ambassador for Augusta Precious Metals – and for good reason!

Augusta Precious Metals offers:

  • investment packages that include self-directed precious metal IRA services
  • a place to purchase gold and silver for non-IRA investments
  • life-time customer support
  • best for serious investors and high-wealth portfolios

Request the free gold IRA kit from Augusta Precious Metals

Side-by-Side Comparison – Noble Gold vs Augusta Precious Metals

Noble Gold Group   Augusta Precious Metals
5 out of 5 Company ratings on average 4.9 out of 5
Collin Plume, CEO CEO or Celebrity ambassador endorsement Joe Montana
2017 Year the gold company was established 2012
US$ 2,000 Required minimum investment US$ 50,000
Gold / Silver / Platinum / Palladium Precious metals supported Gold / Silver
Request this information Price-matching for coins and bars Yes
Not pushy or aggressive, helpful, simplified set up process Customer support described Life-long dedicated customer support, educational
Yes Gives support for IRA rollovers Yes
2 weeks or less Average time from setup to depository 2 weeks
“No quibble” buyback Offers a buyback program Yes
Yes Free educational materials Yes

Side-by-Side Fee Schedule – Noble Gold vs Augusta Precious Metals

Use the chart below to compare the fees related to investing in an IRA with precious metals at both companies, with the most accurate published information as of 2022. Individual negotiations may be possible depending on investment size.

Noble Gold Group   Augusta Precious Metals
$2,000 Account Minimums $50,000
Free One-time setup fee $50
$80 Annual custodian or maintenance fee $80
$150 (includes segregated storage) Annual depository or Storage fees $100
Request this information Shipping fees Free
Based on spot price Prices for coins and bars Based on spot price. 5% markup for bullion coins
Other fees
Click to learn more from the Noble Gold website Click to learn more from the Augusta Precious Metals

Understanding What is Important to You when Choosing a Gold IRA Company

To understand which specifics are most important to you when matching your investment goal to a company that offers precious metal IRAs, some questions to ask yourself, among others, might be:

  • Am I good at finding information websites and handling forms? Or do I want a customer service professional to handle more of the details for me?
  • How much is the minimum investment for each company? Am I just beginning to build a retirement portfolio, or do I have a sizeable amount put aside and know what percentage I want to roll over into a precious metals IRA?
  • Are low-cost first-year and annual fees for maintaining my account important for me to get started, or are specialized depository and customer service fees reasonable considering the size of my investments?
  • Is my goal to hold only gold and silver, or do I want to hold additional precious metals like platinum and palladium?
  • Which ratings and customer reviews do I most identify with when deciding on a company to open a self-directed IRA?

Conclusion – Take Action Today to Hedge Your Retirement Portfolio with a Gold IRA

One thing you do are already certain of is:

You want the value of your savings protected against inflation and devaluation so it will be there for your retirement years, and you know that diversifying a good percentage of your fiat currency, stocks, and other investments into a tangible asset like gold is the way to do that.

Opening a gold IRA is the secure method to diversify your retirement portfolio. The final decision left is,

“Which of the top-tier gold companies is the best match for me?”

Talk with an IRA consultant from Noble Gold Group Talk with an IRA consultant from Augusta Precious Metals
Risk Disclosure

All financial investments, including precious metals such as gold and silver, involve risk. Always consult a licensed professional financial advisor before investing your money. Consumers should be aware that past performance does not guarantee future returns.


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