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Dan Hollings THE PLAN | Crypto Bot Trading for Passive Income

Start earning profits with the cryptocurrency training program that’s becoming a worldwide phenomenon!

Logo for The Plan, a crypto bot course by Dan Hollings

The Crypto Bot Trading Program that Earns Profit Even When Markets are Down

Why are People Signing Up for THE PLAN Taught by Crypto Coach Dan Hollings?

Ashley Armstrong, one of the first beta-testers of The Plan, giving a positive review of Dan Hollings’ crypto grid trading online course.

Ashley Armstrong“The most common question I get is, ‘Does this work?’ And the answer is, ‘Hell, yeah, it works!’”

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Capitalize on Crypto Volatility with The Plan by Dan Hollings

Crypto is so volatile that most people are hesitant to get involved with it. That very volatility of the crypto market is what makes The Plan so spectacular. The more volatile it is, the more it fluctuates, the faster we make profit. 

And it’s simple. You can do this.

We live in times of technological marvels as well as political upheaval and unprecedented risks with old economic systems ready to collapse under their weight of debt and secrecy. You don’t know if your savings or retirement will survive the falling value of paper currency. 

Now there is a solution.

THE PLAN is now in 24 countries and implemented by more than 10,000 people coached by crypto expert, Dan Hollings.

There are very few ways to grow and preserve wealth that keeps its value – gold and precious metals is one, and the surging crypto markets are another. 


It might feel overwhelming to envision yourself entering the highly volatile crypto market without guidance; but if you aren’t invested in Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, you know you’re missing out on what is probably the greatest financial opportunity of the millennium that will support you and your loved ones for life.

Make Daily Passive Income with Your Bots Using Crypto Volatility to Trigger Hundreds of Automated Buy & Sell Orders Every Day

You’re going to love Dan’s method, which he calls “the do-nothing plan,” because once you buy crypto and set up the software, your crypto bots take advantage of the constant up-and-down fluctuations in the market. From the minute you turn on your bots, they make what Dan calls “wiggle profits.”  As long as there’s volatility, it is possible to make small amounts of money continually, hundreds or even thousands of times a day, regardless of whether the prices of your coins go up or down.

Sarah Sternberg, a student of Dan Hollings, giving a review of earning money with The Plan.

Sarah Sternberg, Entrepreneur – “In the 3 months since I’ve been doing The Plan, I’ve had a return of about 28%.”

Ernie Caponetti, Solopreneur – “I’m four months into this, and I’m averaging double digit returns per month.”

Ernie Caponetti, a member of Dan Hollings’ crypto coaching course, The Plan, gives a review.
Marcus Lim, a software engineer, reviews The Plan as a way to earn passive income online.

Marcus Lim, software engineer - “It’s been 3 months, and on that $15,000 it’s generated a return of about 6,000 or 7,000.”

Cryptocurrency Beginners | Crypto and Bots Explained Step-by-Step

You might think you won't have the time or skills necessary to build a crypto bot... Until now! 

THE PLAN works just as well for total beginners who have never bought cryptocurrency as it does for experienced blockchain traders. 

If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to generate sources of passive income, the online cryptocurrency course THE PLAN by Dan Hollings’ is exactly what you need.

THE PLAN Training course assumes that you are a crypto beginner who needs every step demonstrated and explained

Over the last few years of research and experimenting with creating thousands of automated trading bots, Dan Hollings worked with a close friend to crack the crypto code and grew their portfolios into millions. 

In 2020, he taught his methods to more friends, beta-tested the course three times, and since December 2020, taught more than 10,000 students how to safely invest and grow crypto wealth. 

Using THE PLAN, many thousands of ordinary people from over 124 countries have become successful crypto bot builders and learned to invest their profits where they earn top interest rates by setting it up and then “doing nothing.”

Crypto beginners need a coach to invest safely

Dan walks you through every single step, from joining an exchange, purchasing crypto, and the easy “fill-in-the-blanks” process of setting up automated crypto trading bots with the exact correct parameters that will put trading profits in your crypto wallet from the minute you turn it on, while you sit back and watch your money grow.

You learn risk-free on “demo bots” with play money so that when you’re ready to invest real money, you know exactly what you’re doing, how it works, what to expect, how to collect your profits, and where to hold them to earn top interest rates. 

THE PLAN is a full-blown comprehensive cryptocurrency education, with safety rules and strategies that will steadily grow your investment portfolio – almost entirely “hands-off.”

Click here to read more Beginner FAQs

Anthony Hall, a beta student of The Plan, reviews the bot trading course as a way to earn money.

Anthony Hall“I started with one bot. I started with the smallest amount you can possibly start with. I’ve been building it up ever since.”

Cryptocurrency Owners and HODLERS | Crypto Bot Trading Course

If you’re like the majority of smart people who already own cryptocurrency, you’ve probably bought Bitcoin, Ethereum and other tokens you heard were keepers, and you’ve learned how to “HODL” your coins on a crypto exchange. 

You may have seen some impressive gains and experienced some heart-thumping losses as the value of your investment shot upward and plunged downward. 

And like most crypto owners, that’s probably as far as you’ve gone.

HODLING Bitcoin long-term is a great strategy!

Holding Bitcoin long-term follows a deflationary protocol, which means that like physical gold, there are a limited number of Bitcoins that will ever exist – exactly 21 million. This finite supply makes Bitcoin a scarce resource, like gold; and therefore, a store of true value. 

If your strategy is to HODL Bitcoin for years, you will most likely realize an enormous return on your investment. This is a simple investment strategy that anyone can follow. However, while you’re waiting for profit years from now, you’re earning nothing on your investment right now. Also, since the short-term value of crypto coins and tokens fluctuates greatly, you have to be very disciplined to not panic when it plunges. 

Using THE PLAN, you can now implement strategies that will create daily profits you can access while you HODL, as well as earn top interest on your investment, no matter whether the value of BTC goes up or down.

THE PLAN teaches you crypto secrets and expert strategies to multiply your crypto investment.

Even though your crypto investment is a solid plan, you know you’re missing out on all the other strategies people are using in the metaverse to become crypto millionaires. 

If you want to know how to earn more passive income every day instead of just holding long-term crypto investments, THE PLAN is a crypto bot strategy that turns market volatility into money in your wallet – every single day!


Dan Hollings’ students are earning an average 10-15% from the first month they turn on their bots. And many are earning much more!

In addition to bot profit, U.S. members are also earning between 6% – 10% (and 2% higher overseas), while getting lower trading fees by holding their profits and reserves in the same savings platforms Dan uses.

What else is included in THE PLAN?

And that’s just Phase 1 of The Plan! – There are 5 more optional Phases you can purchase separately when you’re ready that will continue to diversify your investments, and that are only open to people who purchase Phase 1. 

Each Phase takes you deeper into Crypto Land, teaching you how to maximize interest rates in the DeFi space, how to invest in your favorite crypto sectors (think metaverse, games, infrastructure, finance...), advanced bot strategies, NFTs, and more! THE PLAN is a comprehensive cryptocurrency education, complete with safety rules and strategies that will multiply your investment portfolio – almost entirely “hands-off.”


Click here to read more Crypto HODLER FAQs

Mike Balmaceda studied The Plan directly with Dan Hollings and gives his review of crypto trading strategies.

Mike Balmaceda, Core Team – “In the stock world, you might get 8% or 10% a year if you’re lucky. Now I’m getting like 10-20 % within 2 months, which is insane.”

Crypto Traders and Crypto Experts | Crypto Strategies for Wealth

We don’t have to convince you that crypto is here to stay and is the future of money. Or that ownership, trading, wealth, entertainment, gaming, art, banking, and even countries are all operating full-steam, freely and transparently on the amazing blockchain, which is already radically changing the financial world. 

We are “preaching to the choir” when we tell you that we are experiencing a once-in-a-millennium opportunity here, right now, to become a crypto millionaire with strategies that have proven to build wealth as safely as possible in all sectors of crypto’s metaverse.

How THE PLAN benefits experienced crypto traders

What Dan has discovered is that even “experienced” traders in crypto currencies who are following Twitter tips and Reddit recommendations chasing crypto “moonshots,” are still trying to time the market or use someone else’s crystal-ball predictions to know which coin or token might be the next big winner. 

But there is a much better way to steadily and inevitably grow your crypto wealth into millions, by following the investment rules and strategies implemented by Dan Hollings in his breakthrough training, THE PLAN.  

Greatly diversify your crypto strategies and portfolio with Dan Hollings’ training in THE PLAN

Grid trading using Dan’s parameters for HODL crypto bots and standard pair bots is just the first step to making stellar profits with as few as 5 or as many as 20 crypto bots that you set up for yourself. 

With The Plan you learn to set up your automated trading bots in as little as 10 minutes. No one holds your money or trades for you. You always have access to your money in your account on the exchanges you join. 

Grid trading is an investment trading strategy that involves buying and selling at pre-set prices. A grid trader sets up orders to purchase a cryptocurrency when it drops a specified percentage, then sell it when it rises a specified percentage. 

Dan has cracked the code on the optimal parameters to squeeze micro-profits hundreds or thousands of times a day out of the most wiggle-prone crypto pairs that dumps money directly into your exchange wallet where you have total control and access to your profits. 

– And all this no matter whether the prices of your coins are going up for down, because money is made on the fluctuation (the “wiggle”) of the trading pair.

Finally, a crypto millionaire shows you exactly how you can set up and control your own crypto investments

Why let brokerages and risk-hungry traders manage your investments, when you can easily set up your own bots and keep total control of when to start, stop, re-grid, trail up and stop loss or trail down – all with Dan’s full explanation of when it benefits you most.

For the first two months, you’ll have free access to Dan’s exclusive crypto pairs recommendations for the wiggliest crypto combinations that are likely to make the best profits. Set up correctly according to the training, crypto bots can bring thousands in income with relatively low risk. 

Phase 1 of THE PLAN “Crypto Bot Gold” is a comprehensive set of crypto investment strategies

You can be almost completely hands-off when you grid trade with bots. Dan’s understand and configurations of the bots, as well as how to optimally find crypto pairs for your bots gives you a massive winning advantage.

Besides running your own bots, Phase 1 of Dan’s training also covers the best places to HODL your profits for top interest rates, dollar-cost-averaging with crypto, and his winning 3-part formula for growing wealth growing a reserve fund to catch opportunities to scoop up crypto “on the dip.”

What other crypto strategies are included in THE PLAN?

After crypto bots, interest income and DCA in Phase 1, there are 5 more optional Phases you can purchase separately when you’re ready that will continue to diversify your investments. Phases 2-6 are only open to people who purchase Phase 1. 

Each Phase takes you deeper into the metaverse, teaching you how to optimize interest rates up to 19+% safely in the DeFi space, invest in your favorite crypto sectors (think sports, games, infrastructure, finance...), advanced bot strategies, NFT investing, and much more! 

THE PLAN is a complete cryptocurrency education with comprehensive diversification strategies and safety “rules” that will sky-rocket your investment portfolio – almost entirely “hands-off.”

Click here to Read more Crypto Trader FAQs


Vlad-Zilberman uses Dan Hollings’ crypto training to earn passive income online with The Plan.

Vlad Zilberman, Former Wall Street VP – “It’s been up for 3 months; it’s up 30%.”

Are You Ready to Get Started with The Plan?

Make money by a set-and-forget method, mostly “doing nothing”!

Why You Need a Plan and a Crypto Coach

Imagine if you had a highly successful crypto millionaire personally sit down with you at your computer and walk you step-by-step through exactly the same process that he used to earn millions, and show you where you are most likely to increase your wealth with the least amount of risk or mistakes? 

What if this friend has cracked the crypto code, knows how to invest and earn tons of money as safely as possible, and was eager to show you exactly what to do and what not to do so you could be wealthy, too?

Dan Hollings – “I’ve been doing nothing now for three years and it’s brought in millions.”

Dan Hollings playing guitar on his couch, showing that The Plan’s passive income allows people to “do nothing” and earn money.

Does this vision sound too good to be true? Well, this time you don’t have to just dream about such a scenario, because it’s a become a reality for us and for people all over the world.

John Collins, a young black entrepreneur, is earning passive income with The Plan.

John Collins, Ecommerce entrepreneur – “To be able to see profit every single day regardless of what’s happening with the value of the coins, it’s pretty amazing!”

College students, workers, entrepreneurs, techies, business owners, professionals, teachers, business magnates, millionaires and retirees! – Everyone Has Equal Access to THE PLAN

This opportunity of a lifetime isn’t open only to investors with huge amounts of capital, although they are jumping in for very good reason. People with modest incomes, people who are wealthy, and everyone in-between are implementing THE PLAN to build their wealth into a portfolio of financial freedom.

Whether you’re a crypto beginner who is curious and doesn’t want to miss out when others are raking it in...

Or you’ve already bought crypto and are a crypto HODLER...Or you’re a crypto trader who is eager to diversify and grow your investments into the mega-sphere of crypto riches...

Dan Hollings’ THE PLAN is a life-changer for anyone who sets it up and lets it work for them earning crypto profits

We all know the value of things that money cannot buy. 

But we and our loved ones need some very important things that money can buy – like a home, education, medical care, financial security...

and very importantly, time! -- Time to spend together, time to enjoy life. 

Then there are extra things that money can buy that add fulfillment, fun and enjoyment to life, and give the wherewithal to help others.

It’s wonderful to have enough, and then some. To enjoy a state of abundance to give and share in whatever way makes you happiest.

Dan has given us a plan with the methods to make that vision happen.

Tony Balestreri is a founding member of The Plan with Dan Hollings.

Tony Balistreri – “You begin to see a glimmer of hope for your financial future in a way that you maybe never have before.”

What is THE PLAN?

THE PLAN is a very clear step-by-step training program that allows you to start investing in cryptocurrencies and earning passive income. Although cryptocurrency is a volatile investment, THE PLAN turns that volatility on its head by making money for you with every small up and down (the “wiggle factor”) of the market. 

Dan teaches you where and how to build automated crypto bots in just a few easy steps that literally make you micro-profits buying and selling your paired cryptocurrencies hundreds or even thousands of times a day – all on auto pilot, while you “do nothing” and watch the money get deposited into your personal account; profit you can access any time you want.

Hazel Smith, an early adopter, gives her review of The Plan, a crypto bot trading course.

Hazel Smith, Accountant “You just can’t help but open your laptop to have a look and see how much money you made while you slept. This really is something you can just set and forget.”

THE PLAN teaches you how to convert your dollars, euros, yen or any fiat currency into cryptocurrencies and create automatic trading bots that make $14-$200 per day, regardless of whether the crypto prices go up or down. 

The training course is truly comprehensive and well-supported by Rapid Crush, the top name in affiliate marketing, with a large crew of knowledgeable customer support agents (who also run their own crypto bots) ready to answer your questions and help you no matter what snag you may run into.

What is in Phase 1 Training in THE PLAN? – Read the Full Course Description

In December 2020, Dan Hollings launched the complete full version of THE PLAN with 6 webinars of about 3 hours each, teaching his key strategies to creating passive profits using crypto bots that you set up. Your first bot may take you an hour to do while you’re learning about the software, but soon you’ll be setting them up in around 5-10 minutes. 

Dan doesn’t stop there – he teaches you his rules and philosophy of safely interacting with crypto exchanges and platforms, including how to pay yourself first by saving your crypto in interest earning accounts that you can access and liquidate immediately any time you want. 

A screenshot from Bitsgap software used in The Plan, showing how easy it is to take profits from crypto bot trading.
Daniel Hall reviews The Plan and crypto bot trading success.

Daniel Hall, Author – “You could actually take that money, you could offload it back to your bank account and not disturb the underlying asset. The bot continues to perform.”

True Passive Income – You set up your own bots and let them work for you. That’s right – do nothing!

Using THE PLAN, founding and beta members have calculated that they could be getting an annualized return of up to 200% on their investment once they have their automated crypto bots and crypto savings platforms set up and running.  

These are people who work normal hours either employed or self-employed, and who say that THE PLAN is truly an almost passive investment that has put them on the road to financial freedom and early retirement.

When you compare earning 5-20% in a month to the abominably low of bank interest rates of .5% (half of one percent) for your savings in the U.S., you begin to understand the scope of the opportunity to keep your money’s value way ahead of inflation and the ever-falling purchasing power of the dollar.

Stephen West earns money online using The Plan by Dan Hollings.

Stephen West – “Not in real estate, not in banking, there’s nothing else out there that’s this passive and this much fun.”

Dan Hollings Review | Who is the Genius Behind THE PLAN?

Dan Hollings, crypto coach and founder of The Plan, explains his crypto trading strategies.

Meet Dan Hollings – Founder and crypto coach of The Plan

Dan Hollings a marketing expert who has been in the business of teaching people to make money online for over a decade. His Amazon sales trainings have helped many thousands of people improve their sales numbers. He is also the marketing genius behind the viral book and movie launch of “The Secret.” 

Over the past four years, Dan invested heavily in the crypto market experimenting and figuring out how to crack the crypto code in a way that can be automated and that takes advantage of crypto’s volatility to produce profits, as well as exploring many other strategies of earning top interest rates and investing in the safest places. 

Once he got his system working smoothly and earning huge profits, he began teaching it to his friends. A genius at simplifying and teaching what would otherwise be a complex system to navigate, Dan knew that his course had to be

  • Step-by-step
  • Easy to understand and follow
  • Use the safest possible strategies
  • Be at least 80% or more automated for busy people to implement successfully.
Stephen West recommending The Plan as the best cryptocurrency trading course.

Stephen West“There’s no way I could spend 3 years and an ungodly amount of money figuring this out on my own. I’m just not that patient, I’m not that smart, I’m not that good. And he’s figured it all out.”

THE PLAN has turned out to be a great leveler – giving access to financial liberation to ordinary people worldwide. Early adopters of his training have been astonished with how their life and financial futures are changing.

THE PLAN is innovative because it can generate significant returns with low risk in a highly volatile market. Sounds too good to be true?

s of early 2020, there are over 9,000 people implementing Dan’s crypto training in over 124 countries.

Image of the globe as a cube floating on a black background with a list of the 124 countries where students are implementing the crypto bot trading strategy in The Plan. Underneath the globe are the words “The PLANet”

THE PLAN now has members from over 124 countries

Sarah explains how she’s earning crypto passive income with Dan Hollings’ training.

Sarah Sternberg“Dan has already tested everything that he’s teaching us. He’s already made his mistakes. He’s already lost his money, and he’s earned way more money than he lost. You do what Dan says. You jump in with small increments, spread your risk and build it up. Build a portfolio slowly, but surely. That’s my strategy of doing it.”

FAQs When You’re Ready to Invest in Crypto

Is cryptocurrency a good investment?

Although cryptocurrency investments can't be guaranteed to pay off 100% of the time, they are the future of finance. It's wise to diversify your portfolio with strategies that increase your holdings over the long-term. Cryptocurrencies will only become a bigger part of our lives moving forward. If you don’t invest now, you could potentially miss out on some big returns that could secure the future for you and your family.

Marcus Lim talks about making money from crypto volatility with automated bots.

Marcus Lim – “So if you’re thinking of joining The Plan, I’d say, ‘Yeah, just do it because The Plan is one of the greatest financial opportunities available right now.”

Cryptocurrency BEGINNER FAQs

Dan Hollings holds up a copy of his book, “One Coin, Two Coin, What Coin, Bitcoin” that teaches how to invest for crypto beginners.

Dan Hollings: I wrote a book with Tony and Elaine called, “One Coin, Two Coin, What Coin? Bitcoin,” which is a simple step-by-step prequel to The Plan that helps you transfer your money into crypto and the steps on how to join crypto exchanges. 

You can purchase the book now online, or get a FREE PDF copy as soon as you purchase the crypto training course.

Hazel Smith is an accountant who built crypto bots and earns passive income from crypto volatility.

Hazel Smith, accountant – “I’m just a numbers girl and numbers always talk to me; and I just couldn’t believe the figures that were coming in on the bots I was setting up.”

Cryptocurrency HODLER FAQS

Pie chart and results of profits from crypto bots along with principles of The Plan by Dan Hollings.
Stephen West reviews The Plan and his crypto income.

Stephen West – “Real money, not ‘if I sell it.’ Somebody the other day bought some coin and said, ‘Look, I’ve doubled my money.’ Well, not if you don’t sell it right now.’ If you hold on to it and it goes back down, you haven’t really made that money; It’s unrealized gains. The Plan is actual profit and income – breaking off profit like nothing you’ve ever seen.”

Cryptocurrency TRADER FAQs

IanJascourt gives a review of Dan Hollings and The Plan.

Ian Jascourt – “I made 10% in my first month.”

Daniel Hall, Core Team, Author – “And it just keeps dripping in. Drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip. And if you’ve ever put a cup under a leaking faucet, you know how quickly that cup gets full, right?

In Daniel Hall’s review of The Plan, he explains how crypto bots send profit directly to your exchange wallet.
Jason Fladlien teamed up with Dan Hollings to offer a comprehensive support system and training for The Plan.
Jason Fladlien shows screenshots of how much more his crypto bots have made in profit compared to his trust investments.

Jason Fladlien’s screenshots compare his traditional retirement account income with his crypto bot income The Plan

FAQs that Everyone is Asking about THE PLAN

Grant Hardinggestures that his mind is blown by the results he got using The Plan and making money from home.

Grant Harding, Change Manager – “Yeah, it is stunning!”

Grant Hardingtestimonial about safe cryptocurrency with trading bots.

How Much Does THE PLAN Cost?

Back in May 2021 when Dan offered a Beta testing version of The Plan to a very limited number participants, it cost a whopping $10,000 to be one of the first! 

Today, you won’t pay anything close to that to get full access to THE PLAN...

... Dan’s over-the-shoulder video coaching in Phase 1, “Grid Bot Gold.” It comes with a robust members’ area, the step-by-step PDF Plan Companion Guide and an enthusiastic support team ready to help you any time you have a question.

... Dan’s over-the-shoulder video coaching in Phase 1, “Grid Bot Gold.” It comes with a robust members’ area, the step-by-step PDF Plan Companion Guide and an enthusiastic support team ready to help you any time you have a question.

These are the two different payment plans offered to purchase The Plan:

Installment plan

4 payments of $997 

(+ tax where applicable)

Total cost = $3,988.

First installment to begin, then each additional installment 30 days apart

$3497 One-Time

(+ tax where applicable)

Save $500.

Most popular option

Ernie Caponetti testimonial that The Plan was the best investment he ever made.

Ernie Caponetti“You know, at the time I thought it might have been a tad expensive. Looking back on it now, it is the single best thing I ever purchased on the Internet, and nothing else is even close.”

When students have annualized returns so far, they’re roughly 200%+ per year — there’s no other investment like this with those kinds of earnings. 

Dan doesn’t just cherry-pick a few of the best results to show you; he shows every single one of the first 18 participants’ results, using live charts of their investment, their coin pairs, and their profits. 

That’s right – every single person succeeded, ordinary people like you and me of all ages and backgrounds. And everyone was making profit from the first minute they turned on their bots.

Elaine Wilkes reviews Dan Hollings and his complete crypto bot training program.

Elaine Wilkes – People say that you have to pay for the course. You have to pay for the mistakes you make.”

When will I break even on my initial investment? 

Dan Hollings – “It’s difficult to estimate exactly how long it would take for you to recoup your investment, but based on the many members that we’ve worked with, it’s reasonable to assume that you should be able to do this within a 2 to 3-month period.”

Dan Hollings talks about the cost of joining the Plan crypto course.
Grant Harding says that The Plan is the best crypto training out there.

Grant Harding – “The profits generated by the bots paid for The Plan in a month and a bit.”

What Else is Required to Join THE PLAN?

24 hours after you pay and sign up, you will receive a Non-Disclosure & Customer Participation Agreement. The email with the agreement will come from Rapid Crush. Before you can gain access to the course, you are required to read it and sign it. If for any reason you don’t agree with the terms in the document, do not sign it and write to support (Rapid Crush) so your money can be promptly returned to you. 

Be aware that once you sign the NDA and Customer Participation Agreement (and over 99.5% of people who purchase The Plan do), it will be manually verified. Next, you’ll receive an email confirmation that everything is done. You will then be given access to the members' area, where you will find the recorded training within 48 hours after signing the agreement. Once you have signed the agreement, your sale is final.

If you need help at any time during the purchase or signing process, accessing the course, or have any other questions, write to  and their dedicated support staff will answer.

Jason Fladlien teamed up with Dan Hollings to offer a comprehensive support system and training for The Plan.

Jason Fladlien, Rapid Crush CEO – “If you’re rubbing two nickels together, and it’s The Plan or not paying your mortgage next month, then obviously, don’t ever put yourself in a position you can’t get out of. What we’ve discovered though is that most people who don’t feel like they’ve got the finances to make a go at this, they actually do. It’s just that they’re scared because everything they’ve put their money into before hasn’t worked out for them the way they thought it would.”

What Else is Required to Join THE PLAN?

Over 9,000 people have been through the course in its less polished BETA version, then over 6,000 more when the official training was launched in December 2021. None of the purchasers had a money back guarantee behind them, and what was discovered is that they are more committed to going through the program and implementing what they learned.

Dan Hollings’ track record and reputation speak for itself as a leading marketing coach and company for over a decade, as a quick google search can prove. The Plan and Rapid Crush give you exactly what they promise, and help you along the way as you follow the training. If you're committed to improving your financial future, they honor their commitment to provide training and support.

What else do I need to purchase to make The Plan work?

  1. You'll need the third-party trading platform to run your crypto bots. You can start with the $69/month option*, which allows you run up to 5 active crypto bots at once. Once you're successful enough to grow beyond that, then you can upgrade to their $149/month option* to run up to 20 active crypto bots at once. We do not own this software, we just like it best. Dan receives affiliate compensation if you sign up for the software through his affiliate link.
  2. Also, you need to invest in cryptocurrencies when you decide to implement what you learned in The Plan. The minimum recommended amount is $3,000 in any cryptocurrency to run each crypto bot.
  3. Finally, it's recommended (but not needed right away) to invest in a crypto tax-tracking software. The software we like best for this is $660/year for unlimited access*. You don't need this software immediately as it can go back through the year and collect your historical transaction information when you need it.

*Third party software prices at the time of writing.

I can only invest in the course, but not buy crypto yet. Should I sign up?

It depends. Some people find it makes sense to sign up now to get access to the course while they build up their initial funds to purchase Crypto. Their thinking is that the time is limited for when you can sign up - access off most of the time so we can train everyone together at the same time. So better to have access now and get the funds for investing later, as opposed to wait to get the funds, and then hope that The Plan will be open once you have your funds in place to buy crypto.

Besides, you can (and are highly encouraged to) trade with DEMO bots before you purchase any crypto with real money... so you can still fully implement what you learn and experiment with DEMO bots without having to purchase any crypto.

Hazel Smith has had great success with the crypto bot trading platform used in The Plan.

Hazel Smith – “The only thing I say to people is, ‘Look, let the results speak for themselves. No one needs to convince you. Just follow the steps, do the demos. You don’t have to actually risk anything at the beginning. I think for me, that’s really how I’ve pushed through that, ‘Oh, it’s too good to be true,’ because I’m actually seeing the results.”

What about taxes on crypto?

The basic layman's (non-qualified) answer is: Yes, you’ll pay taxes. Generally speaking, the more money you make from crypto, the more taxes you’ll pay. Remember, however, that you only pay taxes on your profits (at least in most places in the world we know of).

Of course, every country has its own tax laws and regulations, so consult with your tax adviser first for specific advice based on where you live and your financial situation.

If paying taxes bothers you, then ask yourself this... would you rather not make money so you don't have to pay taxes? We wish we were paying billions of dollars in taxes, because guess what that would also mean? 🙂

One of the best affiliate marketers, Jason Fladlien, and the best crypto coach, Dan Hollings, teamed up to offer crypto bot training worldwide.

Jason Fladlien – “And when the time comes for taxes, we’re going to help point you to the right resources and the right people that are licensed to give you tax advice.”


What You Get When You Join THE PLAN Phase 1:

The Plan (Phase 1) training course includes:

  • 6 Webinar Comprehensive Trainings with Dan (18+ hours total)
  • 4-6 Live Q& A calls with Dan’s experienced team
  • Comprehensive instructions about exchanges
  • Onboarding instructions – how to get your cash into the crypto world
  • 24/7 e-mail support with the Rapid Crush team

Plus, Dan’s Bonuses:

  • A free PDF of One Coin, Two Coin, What Coin? Bitcoin Book (Value $9.95) 

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Elaine Wilkes gives her crypto trading bot review and comparison.

Elaine Wilkes, Author – “I hate telling people because then they all hit you up for money.”

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