Compare Gold IRAs – Augusta Precious Metals vs Goldco in 2023

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Choosing the Best Gold IRA Company – Augusta Precious Metals or Goldco?

We’re all experiencing the global economic fallout from the pandemic years and the war in Europe and are now facing another period of recession. Like millions of other investors, retirees, and people saving for retirement, you’re looking for alternative sources for investment to protect your wealth. You’ve decided that the safest course is to diversify your portfolio by transferring a percentage of your investments into a gold IRA; and now, the only question is:

Which gold IRA company is the best match for my goals? researchers have identified the best gold IRA companies based on customer satisfaction in published reviews, as well as their offers, requirements, and fees, from which we’re providing a side-by-side gold IRA comparison.

Compare these two companies, Augusta Precious Metals and Goldco, as you decide which company best matches your personal investment goals.

Augusta Precious Metals Overview and Gold IRA Highlights

Augusta Precious Metals has been offering its customers gold IRAs since 2012. APM is a family-owned firm that in one decade has very quickly become one of the top gold companies in the U.S. its world-class precious metals services. Hall of Fame quarterback, Joe Montana, was first a customer, and now the ambassador for Augusta Precious Metals – and for good reasons!

Augusta Precious Metals offers:

  • investment packages that include self-directed precious metal IRA services
  • a place to purchase gold and silver for non-IRA investments
  • life-time customer support

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Goldco Overview and Precious Metals IRA Features

Goldco is one of the longer established gold companies, offering gold IRAs since 2006. Headquartered in Woodland Hills, California, Goldco has distinguished itself as a brokerage firm specializing in “white glove” guidance for precious metal retirement investments. The company is very highly rated for its dedicated services
to investors, helping them set up and balance a retirement portfolio.

Goldco stands out as:

  • a provider of a wide range of options for precious metal investments,
    including silver, gold, palladium, and platinum.
  • partnerships with trusted custodians and depositories and custodians
  • ease of set-up with excellent customer service

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Side-by-Side Comparison – Goldco vs Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals   Goldco
4.9 out of 5 Company ratings
on average
4.8 out of 5
Joe Montana Celebrity
Sean Hannity and Chuck
2012 Year the gold
company was
US$ 50,000 Required minimum
US $ 25,000
Gold / Silver Precious metals
Gold / Silver / Palladium /
Yes Price-matching for
coins and bars
Life-long dedicated
customer support,
customized support
Customer support
“White glove” customer
support, customized
Yes Gives support for
IRA rollovers
2 weeks Average time from
setup to depository
1 week
Yes Offers a buyback
Yes Free educational

Augusta Precious Metals Customer Reviews

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Goldco Customer Reviews

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Side-by-Side Fee Schedule – Augusta Precious Metals vs Goldco

The chart below compares the fees associated with the costs of investing in an IRA with precious metals with both companies and is as close as we can determine at the time of writing.

Augusta Precious Metals   Goldco
$50,000 Account Minimums US$ 25,000
$50 One-time setup fee $50
$80 One-time setup fee $50
$100 Annual depository or
Storage fees
Non-segregated: $100
Segregated: $150
Free Shipping fees May vary
Based on spot price. 5%
markup for bullion coins
Prices for coins and bars Speak with Goldco for
prices and markups
Other fees One-time wire fee
Click to learn more from the
Augusta Precious Metal website
Click to learn more from the
Goldco website

Understanding What is Important to You When Choosing a Gold IRA Company

To understand which factors are most important to you when matching your goals to a company that offers gold IRAs, some questions to ask, among others, might be:

  • Am I good at navigating websites and handling forms? Or do I want an expert to handle more of the details for me?
  • What are the minimum investments for each company? Am I just starting out to build a retirement plan, or do I have a large amount already saved and know what percentage I want to convert into a gold or other precious metals IRA?
  • Are low-cost first-year and annual fees for maintaining my account important for me to get started, or are specialized depository and customer service fees reasonable considering the size of my investments?
  • Is my goal to hold only gold and silver, or do I want to hold additional precious metals like platinum and palladium?
  • Which ratings and customer reviews do I best identify with when deciding on a company to open a self-directed IRA?

Conclusion – Take Action to Secure the Value of Your Retirement Portfolio with a Precious Metals IRA

One thing you do know is

You want to protect the hard-earned money you’ve saved for retirement by diversifying a good percentage of your paper currency, stocks, real estate and other investments into a tangible asset that has held its value throughout human existence because of its scarcity (gold) or its vital usefulness (silver and other rare metals). Opening a gold IRA is the best way to diversify your retirement portfolio. The only decision now is which of the very top companies is the best match for you.

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