American Hartford Gold Review

American Hartford Gold Review

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American Hartford Gold

It’s been many years since stashing money in savings was fiscally responsible choice. Even with a prime interest rate, the thief known as inflation is chipping away at your hard-earned dollar bills.

The money that you think you have is being devalued, with every day that passes, especially with every “stimulus bill” that gets passed.

It has been half a decade since our money was backed by anything tangible. The US makes use of its physical and digital printing press to create more dollar bills at virtually no cost to themselves.

The answer to this is gold. Buying tangible assets such as gold guarantees an increase in worth. Gold is a limited resource that can’t be printed or digitally created. It is one of the last truly safe choices for your money. American Hartford Gold is the best gold IRA company and is your answer to these turbulent times.

Why Investing in Gold is Ideal for Those Reaching Retirement

Those of us looking to retire have to relearn what we could once rely on while facing this uncertain financial world. Our money is worth less every year, and we can no longer rely on the government system of Social Security. The following are a few reasons you should know as to why this is the case.


In August 1971, Nixon severed the US dollar’s convertibility into gold. In 1976, it became official that the US dollar was no longer defined by gold, meaning the US Dollar was no longer backed by anything tangible. Our national debt has skyrocketed, while the value of every dollar we earn has plummeted.

US Dept

Back in 1971, our national debt stood at $398 billion USD. Today, our debt stands at $28.43 trillion USD. How did this happen? The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, along with the 2008 debt crisis, caused it to skyrocket. The US national debt has more than doubled in the last 11 years since 2011.

Social Security is Running Out

Along with increased national debt and inflation, the US Social Security Program is running out. The government has tapped into US Social Security to fund its projects, while the number of young people paying into social security continues to drop.

Gold from American Hartford Gold, The Correct Solution

Wealth is earned through hard work and maintained through investment. How well it is maintained depends on the investment and how well diversified it is. Precious metals like gold and silver do not suffer severe value fluctuation like other investments. American Hartford Gold is the reliable choice for your precious metal investment.

Gold and Precious Metals are a Reliable Choice

Gold and other precious metals retain their value and do not fluctuate in price as dramatically as other investments. After years of working for what you have, you don’t need a risky investment or a childish get-rich-quick scheme. You need reliability. That is what investing in gold and other precious metals will do for you.

Gold, like property, is a tangible asset. But unlike property, you do not need to pay hefty property taxes annually, and you don’t need to deal with tenants or a property management company if you try to rent it out. Gold and precious metals also won’t break down or need repairs, and the start-off cost of your investment will be much lower.

Gold and other precious metals are simple choices. There isn’t anything too complex about them. And if you have any questions then an American Hartford Gold expert will be able to help you with your questions.

How to Get Started

Easy and Honest

Don’t you want an investment that makes sense, that isn’t explained to you by a smooth-talking suit-and-tie salesman who you really don’t feel like you can trust? American Hartford Gold keeps it simple. They are the gold IRA company for those who work for a living and don’t want to waste time trying to understand a deliberately deceptive salesperson.

Great Customer Service

With American Hartford Gold, you can be sure that you get to an actual person on the line whenever you call. American Hartford gold prides itself on its customer service, guaranteeing that whoever you talk to will be easy to understand and knowledgeable. They never want you to feel like you are on this investment journey on your own. Wealth management should be a team effort, and you can rely on them to stand with you.

Up to Date Information and Clear Pricing

One of the great aspects of the American Hartford Gold Review is that its information is always up-to-date and easy to access. You can call them at any time, or check their webpage, to receive the most cohesive and present information available.

If you somehow find gold prices by one of their competitors that beat those of American Hartford Gold, you can call them (866-250-5090), and they will match those prices, guaranteed!

Buy Back Guarantee

One of the concerns about investing in gold, as opposed to other investments, is the ability to sell it quickly when the need arises. That is never a concern with American Hartford Gold, as they will always be there to buy back your gold should the need arise. Emergencies happen, and it’s always good to know that American Hartford Gold will be there to turn your gold back into cash at a moment’s notice.

You will also retain the right and ability to sell your gold in any way you see fit so you can ensure the best returns for your investment. American Hartford Gold wants you to feel confident and safe in your investment.

A Trustworthy Choice

American Hartford Gold is as trustworthy and reliable as the gold in your precious metals IRA. They are the gold IRA company you can put your trust in. With $750 million in gold and precious metals already delivered, and a truck full of positive reviews, you know you can put your faith in them.