What is the difference between Recession and Depression

Economists do remember an old joke that says: A recession is when your neighbor loses his job. And a depression is when you lose your job. What is the difference between the two terms: recession and depression? The distinction between them is not understood very well because there is no clear definition of both the… Read More

Recovering from Job Loss During Recession

Do you remember Forrest Gump’s words? “…it happens”. Many unpleasant situations do happen in our everyday life. What do psychologists advise if you wake up unemployed and don’t know what will happen tomorrow? No panic. The most frightening thing for our psychic is the obscurity of our nearest future. The worst thing that you can… Read More

How to Survive The Time Recession

In our modern world we are to understand that we are taking another decisive step to the so-called notion of recession. This slow down in the economy does not seem to be unexpected as such downturns are the result of the processes that take place in the world economy from time to time. Some scientists… Read More