1926 Recession

OCTOBER 1926 – NOVEMBER 1927 (13 months)

The recession of 1926 is one that few remember, as it came just a little ways before the Great Depression, and is often overshadowed by it. So, what do we know about the recession of 1926? Well, we know that British coal miners went on strike that year. The miners were then followed by a general strike, where three million workers strike to support miners.

Needless to say, Britain suffered from the strikes. Germany was also unanimously accepted into the League of Nations. Remember, what goes on overseas also affects the U.S., and it is doubtless that Britain’s strike affected the United States more than most people think.

While in the recession of 1926, nobody would have foreseen that an even worse recession loomed in the future. The longest recession in history, and it would come to be called the Great depression.

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